By sticking together against inequality and injustice at our airports, we are walking in Dr. King’s footsteps

Every year, people working in U.S. airports generate $8 billion in profits for the aviation industry. Yet these employees are paid so little they cannot make ends meet. Mothers and fathers who work full-time jobs [...]

Hundreds gathered in DCA yesterday, but it wasn’t for what you think.

Workers are in the #FightFor15 from around the world. By Juvelyn Godizano On Wednesday I joined my brothers and sisters around the world at Ronald Reagan national airport in the demand for higher wages, better trainings and [...]

With Alaska Airlines financial success, it’s time they step up and do the right thing for workers and our community

By Tina Cummins Cabin Cleaner Portland International Airport This week, Alaska Airlines proudly announced “record” net profit for the second quarter of 2015, continuing its growth streak in which the company has doubled their revenue [...]

Alaska Airlines Can Do Better: Five Things Airport Communities Should Know About America’s Seventh-Largest Carrier

1) Thanks to passengers, taxpayers, and workers—in Seattle and across the country—Alaska Airlines is rich. Seattle-based Alaska Airlines operates in more than 100 cities. Over the last ten years, passengers, taxpayers and workers have provided [...]

Striking JFK baggage handlers, make stand for dignity and respect at airports across the country

The decision to strike, whether you are a fast food worker, home care worker, janitor or airport worker, is never one you take lightly. But as Pedro Gamboa, who loads bags for Aviation Safeguards at [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: What’s going on in our airports?

The story of how poverty jobs hit our airports as you've never seen it before - but there's good news you're going to want to see - there's something we can do to turn it around.

We estimate that at least 100 people have been killed in ramp accidents between 2001 and 2015.